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want to go home?

Date: July 23, 1998

By: Cosmic Claire

Location: Blockbuster Pavilion, Charlotte

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Lillith started at 3:00 and once me and my pals had gotten in and checked out all the shops in the village we went to hear Rodie Ray and Trish Murphy. Both were great. After Holly McNarland's band's stuff was on the stage she gave her all in her performance and was really great. She told us about her CD that hers "was the one with the big dog on the cover, and, I'm not sure if you get it here in the states but in Canada it shows his asshole on the back." After that I roamed for awhile in the Village. I got in time to see Meredith Brooks who was really great (surprisingly). She also performed with Bonnie Raitt and was excellent. Meredith also sang a new song called 'Sin City' which was to appear on the soundtrack 'Snake Eyes' who she sang along with someone else.

After Queen Latifah came out who was really great. She flirted with a man in the front who had his shirt off and said happy birthday to him when she learned it was his birthday. She went on and did her set and read a verse from Nikki Giovanni. Her set was great and she ended with U.N.I.T.Y. She also sang lady's first which was fun because all the females put one finger up to show we were first.

After the crews set up Bonnie Raitt's stuff everyone became real excited and everyone sang along 'Something To Talk About' and everyone gave a large amount of praise. Bonnie proved several things: she is an excellent guitar player, a great singer, and gets better by the years. She also performed her last song with Sarah Mclachlan and some other female who's name slips my name.

Soon after Natalie Merchant came up and everyone was excited. Everyone sang along with her. She seemed to really enjoy herself and she also was dancing like a ballerina all about on the stage. She also had a swing she played on during her set. At the end she started singing "Thank You, Thank You" (which became very infectious) she also pulled out a painting at the end and I was left clueless wondering what the picture was to mean..

Soon Sarah came I was more than excited. She started her set with a bit from Last Dance and kicked off into 'Sweet Surrender.' The songs she sang were: (not in order) Witness, Black & White, Elsewhere, Possession, Angel, Building A Mystery. After that we all demanded more and Sarah came out and did 'Adia' for us. After that all of them came out and sang some song I have no clue was. But all them joined and were dancing, smiling, having a great time.
Lillith was great! I loved it and I can't wait till '99!

Cosmic Claire