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McLachlan Says Woodstock About Money


NEW YORK (AP) - Lilith Fair founder Sarah McLachlan knows what went wrong at Woodstock.

"When Woodstock was conceived, it was a beautiful thing,'' McLachlan says in Sunday's New York Post. "But what happened is it turned into this big, horrible commercial madness. It became all about making money.''

Riots closed out the Woodstock concert festival this year, with fans burning and looting the stocks of vendors who sold water for as much as $4 a bottle. Things are different at Lilith Fair, the mostly female concert tour McLachlan founded three years ago.

"Concerts with a conscience - I like that,'' McLachlan said. "We've worked hard to create an environment for the artists and audience that is friendly, safe and socially conscious. We give room to all the nonprofit organizations that we support.

This is the last year for Lilith Fair. McLachlan says she and its other female performer want more free time so they can begin starting families.