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Hello My name is Cosmic Claire! Well you've come here to gain a little knowledge about what I'm about. Well I live in a mildly small town in North Carolina. I'm 16 and a sophomore in High School. My favorite subject would be English and Graphics. I play trumpet. I have one annoying little brother but he's a cutie, Wazzup Andrew? I've seen Sarah perform three times. Once when she came here to my town and the others at Lilith Fair in Charlotte. I enjoy many other bands like Jamiroquai, Garbage, Erykah Badu, K's Choice, Holly McNarland, and I know I'm opening myself for criticism here but I do have to admit I like the group 'N Sync. I love any and almost every kind of music. I have a great bunch of friends! Hello Stacy, Julie, Lydia, Jonathan, Carolyn, Lani  and all you crazy people!! I love sports also. I am a big fan of Basketball!! My favorite college team would have to be Duke Univ. (Yeah baby!) NBA wise I love the Utah Jazz. Karl Malone is my main man! I also enjoy swimming, kick-boxing, and volleyball (even if I stink at it). Here are some of my likes and dislikes.





                                                                                        Cosmic Claire