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Music has always inspired me in my life. My family has always asked me what it is about music that I always have to listen to it. Music can set me at ease in any situation I'm in. Music can't reject me when everyone else can. It's something that's drawing and so beautiful to me. It has all these powers to create good and reach out and help one another. It's something we can relate to. I've always wanted to have that affect on people. To sing and see people have appreciation for my music. To have someone enjoy my music, to see people sing my words that I wrote. That's just something I crave. It's not the glitz and glam of being a superstar which is alluring but ultimately superficial. Music is who I am, I want to be apart of that. This site is about my pursuit for that world I feel apart of. - Claire


Name: Claire Delmar Chapman

Age: 16

Birth date: December 11th, 1983

Birthplace: Manhattan, NY

Current Residence: Asheville, NC

Height: 5'6

Weight: Not Available

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Parents: Eva & William

Siblings: 1 Brother, Andrew.

Favorite Artists: Sarah McLachlan, Jamiroquai, Erykah Badu, Garbage, Holly McNarland, K's Choice, 'N Sync, R. Kelly, Lauryn Hill, Dixie Chicks. 

Favorite Color: Green, Blue, Black

Instruments Played: Trumpet

School Status: Sophomore in High School

Car: Don't have one

Job: Do not currently have one

Favorite Book: Anything by Sue Grafton, The Horse Whisperer,

Favorite Movie: 6th Sense, Schindler's List, My Fair Lady

Favorite Poet: Sarah McLachlan, songs are a form of poetry. And her songs are just amazingly beautiful.

Hobbies: Surf Internet, Movies, Playing Trumpet, Swimming, Golf, Singing

Favorite Sports Teams: Utah Jazz (NBA), Duke (College Basketball), Atlanta Braves (MLB)

Instruments: Trumpet