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Somewhere deep inside me
I hold a picture
of a time long gone
a time of ease
and simple pleasures
and days in shadows
not so long

Now with my mind
I'm struggling,
holding on to what I believe
listen to the fragments
of my thoughts
that leave me
broken and deceived

Cause I don't know the way
he said
"I can take you there, I can show you
places where out time has had no ware"
And as we walked the plains
the skies they
open wide revealing
all the shame for what's
been lost inside us all

It's a day in the life
In my mind I've seen it all
Sometime soon for all to see
The walls are slowly
breaking down
and Someday we'll be free

Were searching for a message
or so I thought
but so it seems
the ignorance in the myths of
others is easier to redeem

I've never questioned the
answers given to
find the faith
that's been lost within
cause where I lay my
trust in others
where it lies the
ground is thin


I know you say you love me
If what you say is true
So show me something
that's not deceiving
Cause I wouldn't lie to you