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The Path of Thorns (Terms)

I knew you
wanted to tell me
In your voice
there was something wrong

but if you would
turn your face
away from me
You cannot tell me
you're so strong

Just let me ask of you
one small thing
as we have shared
so many tears

We fervor our dreams
we planned a whole life long
now are scattered on the wind...

In the terms of endearment
In the terms of the life
that you love
In the terms of the years
that pass you by
In the terms of the reason why

Through the years
I've grown to love you
though your commitment
to most would offend
but I stuck by you
holding on with
my foolish pride
waiting for you
to give in

you never really
tried or so it seems
I've had more than
myself to blame
I've had enough of
trying everything
and this time it is the end


There's no more
coming back this way
the path is overgrown
and strewn with thorns
they've torn the life blood
from your naked eyes
cast outside to be forlorn


Funny, how it seems
that all I've tried to do
seemed to make
no difference to you at all...