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Drawn to the Rhythm

When we wore
a heart of stone
we wandered to the sea

hoping to find some
comfort there
yearning to be free

and we were mesmerized by the
lull of the night
and the smells
that filled the air

and we lay
on sandy ground
it was cold but
we didn't care

and we drawn to the rhythm...
drawn to the rhythm of the see
and we were drawn to the rhythm...
drawn to the rhythm

we fell asleep
and began to dream
when something
broke the night

memories stirred inside of us
the struggle and the fight
and we could feel the heat
of a thousand voices
telling us which
way to go

and we cried out
is there no escape
from the words
that plagued us so


In the still
and the silent dawn
another day is born
washed up by the tireless
waves body bent and torn

the face of the blinding sun
and you search only to find
that heaven is a
stranger place than what
you've left behind