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Back Door Man

You open your eyes
look around
You feel the earth
it wanders
Out, from under your feet
the ground
is not firm
but soft and weak
like skin
under the touch
cannot stop to falter
Now, the damage is done
the certainties gone
the spirits altered

and now the angry morning
gives the early signs of warning
You must face alone
the plans you make
decisions they will
try to break

Our hands are tied
on the table
Maybe you can try
at the back doorman
While the helpless line up
on the doorsteps
Cause it's all they can do
to try to get through

All of your life
you've lived in a world as pure
as eden's sixth day
Now all you've been allowed
is taken away
they will not let you be
so proud

and you have felt the fear
growing inside
Protest follows far and wide
they'll see how long
it will take 'till you fall
from so much denied

Your soul
it aches relentless
from the fear
that they will never guess
so unfair that
they can make you feel
so small
and the fear you know
is real


Cause it's all they can do
to try to get through