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Name: Lidya Abiba Wanderad - Admassu

Age: 16

Height: 5'11

Weight: Not Available 

Birth date: April 15, 1983

Birthplace: Addis Abiba, Ethiopia

Hair Color: Black

Eyes: Brown

Siblings: 2 Brothers, Elias & Beruk

Parents: Zeyneb Hassen Mohammed

Favorite Artist: Mary J. Blige, 'N Sync, Ginuwine, Mya

Favorite Color: Yellow

School Status: Sophomore in High School

Car: Don't have one

Job: Currently Exploring Options

Favorite Book: A Summer To Die For

Favorite Movie: Ever After

Favorite Poet: Maya Angelou

Hobbies: Singing, Writing Songs, Playing Soccer, Shopping, Dancing, Swimming

Favorite Food: Ethiopian Food

Favorite Sports Teams: Duke (The one and only!), Nigeria Men's Soccer, Atlanta Braves

Instruments: None


Name: Claire Delmar Chapman

Age: 16

Birth date: December 11th, 1983

Birthplace: Manhattan, NY

Current Residence: Asheville, NC

Height: 5'6

Weight: Not Available

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Parents: Eva & William

Siblings: 1 Brother, Andrew.

Favorite Artists: Sarah McLachlan, Jamiroquai, Erykah Badu, Garbage, Holly McNarland, K's Choice, 'N Sync, R. Kelly, Lauryn Hill, Dixie Chicks. 

Favorite Color: Green, Blue, Black

Instruments Played: Trumpet

School Status: Sophomore in High School

Car: Don't have one

Job: Do not currently have one

Favorite Book: Anything by Sue Grafton, The Horse Whisperer,

Favorite Movie: 6th Sense, Schindler's List, My Fair Lady

Favorite Poet: Sarah McLachlan, songs are a form of poetry. And her songs are just amazingly beautiful.

Hobbies: Surf Internet, Movies, Playing Trumpet, Swimming, Golf, Singing

Favorite Sports Teams: Utah Jazz (NBA), Duke (College Basketball), Atlanta Braves (MLB)

Instruments: Trumpet